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The Full Story


La'Porscha Smith is a rising self taught Visual Artist residing in Charlotte,N.C at the VAPA Center. Her medium of focus is acrylic in which she uses to express the importance of mental, emotional and spiritual health in the black community. Smith participated in the Charlotte Arts Festival 2023 with 100 tiny things and winning 2nd place at the second annual Chalk Art Festival. La'Porscha recently had her first art residency Spring 2023 with QC Family Tree focused around enviornmental, racial and climate injustices.  La'Porscha's goal is to inspire the youth and others to remember that their goals can come into fruition and their health matters!


Artist's Goal

One of my long-term goals is to use art as a therapeutic instrument for healing. My artistic vision focuses on empowerment, healing and understanding. I mix shades to create rich skin tones of societies "unconventional beauty standards" so that representation is ABUNDANT. My goal is for black women to feel that their experiences are valid and significant to their own journeys of self-discovery.


To create works that reflect body positivity, spirituality and overall health in the black community.

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