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Available Services

Mentorship| Color Theory & Portraiture

In person one on on mentorship utilizing acrylic paint methods focusing on skin tones. Also tips on materials and how color theory knowledge contributes to skin tone methods. Starts at $200/week for 3hr sessions.

Acrylic Pours

Acrylic pours start at $400 and vary based on size. 50% of commision(s) must be paid upon approval of request.

Commission Requests| Wet Media

12" x 16" = $450

16" x 20" = $750

18" x 24" = $950

20" x 20" = $850

"24 x 20" = $960

24" x 24" = $1150

24" x 30" = $1500

24" x 36" = $1700

30" x 30" = $2200

36" x 36" = $2600


All prices are based on portraits and wet media requests per one subject. For additional faces the price increases by 20%. Any reference photos with low quality resolution will be denied by artists discretion. 50% of commissioned request must be paid before starting request once accepted. Please allow 2 - 6 weeks for commissioned works to be complete (depending on size and details).

Mural Commissions

Mural commissions vary based on size and request. 

Sculpture Commissions

Sculpture requests start at $400. Size, quantity and request pricing may vary. All commission requests must pay 50% of commission before fulfilling request.

Dry Media Commissions

Dry media commissions consist of pencil, colored pencil, marker and pastels. Commissions start at $400 and vary based on size and other variables. 50% of commission(s) must be paid upon approval of request


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